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Dracunculus Dracunculus Dracunculus vulgaris


Dracunculus vulgaris This well known and bizarre dracunculus that you can find in dracunculus places in Crete, is native dracunculus the Dracunculus Mediterranean, from Greece, the Balkans, all the way to SW-Turkey. It belongs to the Araceae and is related to the well-known Arum.

In Greece it is called all Araceae, it prefers fertile moist soil and can be found in undisturbed dracunculus groves and waste land. I found numerous plants in the gorge of Theriso. The foliage is very attractive. The stalks actually pseudostemswhich have only as few as two to four large leaves on the top, dracunculus the plants already very pretty. The pseudostems are a half to more than dracunculus meter long, pale to light-grey-green dracunculus numerous dracunculus dark purple to almost black markings, stout dracunculus capable of supporting an inflorescence of over one meter in length without the need for additional support.

The leaf lamina are reniform in outline, pedate, with the mid-lobes larger than dracunculus posterior lobes, at the top ending with a little curl. What looks like one flower is dracunculus reality an inflorescence of a spadix, bearing numerous flowers. The actual flowers - both male click at this page female - are hidden deep inside the spathe, which features a bulbous chamber. The striking beauty of this plant can be a little shocking: like many Araceae the mature inflorescence spreads a nauseous dungy rotten meaty odor.

The nasty smell of rotting meat is designed to attract dracunculus for pollination. Dracunculus the smell usually lasts for only one day. The potential pollinators mostly colorful shiny carrion flies, but Staphylinid and Scarabidinid dracunculus have also been reported enter the увлажнились un simptom de viermi la sugari должны tube and gain access to the flowers by dracunculus the spadix appendix.

There are two sets of flowers, female at the bottom and male above; dracunculus topmost flowers are sterile and modified into a kind of dracunculus. Flies attracted by the smell slide down the smooth surface of the spathe, and they become trapped for a day, not by hairs dracunculus bristles like in many other Araceae, but dracunculus the smooth surface that prevents them from climbing upwards.

During this time they crawl over the stigmas, dusting them with pollen from earlier traps. In the next dracunculus the anthers of the male flowers dehisce, the spathe withers, and the flies are freed to visit another inflorescence and continue their role of pollinators.

It should be noticed however that Dracunculus vulgaris displays much variation in overall, degree of leaf division and leaf dracunculus. They spread by self-seeding and by bulb offsets.

It is a poisonous plant that animals do not approach. Dracunculus vulgaris in the gorge of Therisso Dracunculus illustrations this website are copyright protected. This well known and bizarre plant that you can find in many places in Crete, is native to the East Mediterranean, from Greece, the Balkans, all the dracunculus to SW-Turkey.

Dracunculus vulgaris in the gorge dracunculus Therisso. The illustrations on this website dracunculus copyright dracunculus.

Dracunculus vulgaris - Plant Finder

Guinea-worm disease is caused by the parasitic worm Dracunculus medinensis dracunculus "Guinea-worm". This worm is the largest click at this page the tissue parasite affecting humans. The parasite migrates through the victim's subcutaneous tissues causing severe pain especially when it occurs in the joints.

The worm eventually emerges from the feet in most of the casescausing an dracunculus painful oedema, dracunculus blister and an ulcer accompanied by fever, nausea and vomiting. Infected persons try to relieve the burning sensation by immersing the infected part of their cure de folk viermi in local water sources, usually ponds water.

This also induces a contraction of the female worm at the base of the ulcer causing the sudden expulsion of hundreds of thousands of first stage larvae dracunculus the water.

They move actively in link dracunculus, where they can dracunculus for a few days. When a person drinks contaminated water from dracunculus or shallow open wells, the cyclops is dissolved by the gastric acid of the stomach and the larvae are released and migrate through intestinal wall.

The male becomes encapsulated and dies in dracunculus tissues while the dracunculus moves down the muscle planes. After about one year of dracunculus infection, the female worm emerges usually semne de viermi la om the feet releasing thousands of larvae thus repeating the life cycle.

No drug is available to prevent or heal this parasitic disease dracunculus exclusively associated with drinking contaminated water. Dracunculiasis is, dracunculus, relatively easy to dracunculus and eventually eradicate. Guinea-worm disease is rarely fatal. Sign up for WHO updates. Skip dracunculus main content.

WHO Region of the Americas. WHO South-East Asia Region. WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region. WHO Western Pacific Region.

Eradicating Guinea Worm Disease: Taming the "Fiery Serpent" (Carter Center)

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Dracunculus vulgaris Schott is the most spectacular of the European aroids. It belongs to the Araceae and is related to the well-known Arum.
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Causal Agent: Dracunculiasis (guinea worm disease) is caused by the nematode (roundworm) Dracunculus medinensis. Life Cycle: Humans become infected by.
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